Puppy Grooming Experience ( £20 )
A puppy experience will prepare your puppy for future grooming sessions. 

A puppy experience will include:
  • A bath using a gentle puppy shampoo

  • A gentle blow dry

  • Introducing your puppy to being brushed using various brushes and techniques

  • Nail clipping if required

  • Eye trim and paw trim if required

  • Advice on grooming routines 

  • Your puppy will then explore the Parlour, listen to the noises of the equipment, PLAY TIME AND TREAT TIME

Wash and Go - Prices start from £20.00

This is simply a wash and blow dry for dogs that need a wash, but do not require their coat cutting. Your dog could be dirty from all their outdoor adventures or just in need of a bath before their next groom is due.

Price varies based on the size, breed and condition of your dogs coat.


Full Groom - Prices start from £30.00

A full groom will include:

  • A bath in luxurious shampoo/conditioner to suit your dogs coat type

  • Blow dry

  • Nails trimmed

  • Health check

  • Hair cut/style as per owners request

  • A spritz of doggie perfume

  • Hair accessory if requested

Price varies based on the size, breed and condition of your dogs coat.

If your dog is heavily matted please let me know as this will increase the time allocated to groom.

I am unable to groom dogs with fleas.


Under The Veterinary Surgeons act 1966 I am unable to administer any flea treatment to your dog. Please ensure your dog is parasite free before booking an appointment.